Making the News With Satellite Internet

Want to become a journalist? Was it ever your dream to be a field reporter, sending out dispatches from Istanbul or the Marrakesh? Think you’d be good at getting the inside scoop on the hottest new restaurants and the most avant garde fashion designers? Well, inpix now you can and you don’t need a fancy title or degree to get started. The only thing you need is a computer and a high speed satellite internet connection. That’s it. You’re all set.

High speed internet makes everything possible. A satellite internet connection expands those possibilities; bocoranadminriki it means you’ll be able to travel the world and hone your journalistic skills in the middle of a protest in Buenos Aires or from the serene lakes of Southern Germany.

One of the more recent phenomena to revolutionize the world wide web is something called web 2.0. Web 2.0 is described as a movement or tendency towards the participatory and the prosumer oriented. Basically this just means that people are no longer merely consumers of content; splitacdubai rather, they actively make and consume content at the same rate. This being so, a bunch of new sites have cropped up that allow regular citizens to become citizen journalists. Many of these sites actually pay regular people like you and me to send in stories and pictures and videos of breaking news. This means that you can become a journalist, a star reporter without having to spend thousands of dollars on a university education. Why read about how to write a killer headline when you can actually do it and get paid? kjro

Here’s a look at some of those sites. This site aims to give an alternative look at international news. It allows people who are actually living the experience, who are actually on the ground and know the facts to submit stories. The site pays contributors a certain amount of money depending on how much traffic it generates. So the better your story is, the more money you will make. This site describes itself as an outlet for anyone to contribute news, videos and photos from anywhere in the world. Here’s where you can see that a satellite internet hookup would come in handy. Allvoices wants you to join the global conversation.

ArticleNiche: This is a site where you can contribute your expertise. You write articles and get acknowledged for your work, getting exposure and experience at the same time.

OhMyNews International: This is news portal which gives you a platform to share your opinion and to write great news stories. It’s an online newspaper manned entirely by citizen journalists. florbiz WeSay is a site for amateur photographers to send in their news breaking photos. It gives photographers a chance to break in the business and become respected photojournalists. The site has a great design and layout and really showcases photos to make them look their best.


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