Etheric Spiders and Astral Snakes

Astral Spiders

Many folks have seen spiders in dreams, visions, cheaterblox and nightmares. The many experiences on etheric spider entities are too numerous to ignore. These reports are consistent in many ways. They sound out of this world, almost like science fiction, but it is a fact many have endured this esoteric psychic experience for real.

There have been creepy crawling astral entities that attack folks in their dreams, upon awakening, and sometimes they appear in meditation.

Let us try to assemble nadiya some etheric spider facts.

Esoteric spiders are common as evidenced by the many real life encounters told by others. The astral experiences have some common key themes that run like carbon to steel with every account. It is here we can gain some insight into this astral spider phenomena.

Etheric spiders exist in the fourth dimension. This is why they are so hard to see with the naked eye. In the lucid mind state, the state of consciousness between dreaming and wakefulness, is when they are often spotted. When the mind is not fully awake is when you can see them.

They can attack you and bite. They have also been snake bite dream meaning known to sting leaving the one assaulted rather surprised because when full waking consciousness is regained there is no evidence of the spiders at all. Often their bites leave small puncture like marks on the skin.

After the astral attack it is normal to awaken. Then they are nowhere to be found. It seems as though they did a disappearing act but the reality is they are still present in the dimension where they reside being the fourth dimension.

The way these astral vermin like to work is in secret. If you manage to see them, and focus your attention upon them, they scatter in all different directions. They can sense it when you look at them.

If you happen to see one of these astral creatures know that you are not going crazy. You are, in fact, seeing something real. Hard to believe but true. It is a bit of shock to know that spiders can attack the aura when you are not looking.

The key to a good astral defense is to be aware of their tactics and methods. If you are intuitive this is a big help. You can spot them and use counter measures.

Keep yourself as healthy as possible. The chakra system needs to be working well. Here is a valid point. Remember these astral spiders exist in the fourth dimension but not in our third dimension. This is why they appear to be fleeting and hard to see. Unless you can see behind the veil, like a psychic medium can, they are difficult if not impossible to see.

This explanation gives you a clue as to why many folks cannot see the etheric spiders. These entities have a fondness for the energy of the human aura and when you first spot them it is a big shock to the system.

To keep your energy high avoid people who appear to act nice but are psychic vampires. Avoid draining situations and people who are energy vampires. This aids in protecting your energy and remaining healthy in mind, mbappe vriendin body, and spirit. The truth of what the spiders do is not pleasant by any means.


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