10 Tips on How to Get Social Media Smart – Even If You’re Not Very Social

I’ll admit, social media is one of my weak areas. That said, I’m not letting that hold me back. Instead, I am studying friends who are really good at social media. I have also invested a few dollars learning how to leverage my social media efforts for my business.

I have a good friend Dan. He isn’t into marketing at all. In fact he’s a carpenter. But…Dan is an incredible networker both online and off. I have been all over with Dan and remarkably on nearly every trip we’ve taken (as hard to believe as it sounds) Dan runs into someone he knows. Vintage Omega

In fact, Dan is a confirmed bachelor and an unlikely Casanova. He doesn’t fit the description at all. He isn’t tall, dark, or handsome. In fact, he’s fat, bald, and cute. More like the Shatman(William Shatner).

I am always amazed at how Dan can go anywhere and instantly befriend people. He’s really got a gift and I’ve taken notice. I have studied how Dan networks (mostly unconsciously) and have tried to adopt some of the same strategies. Let me share 10 examples of what I have learned from Dan and how they can have a positive impact on your social networking. hogar


  1. Lose your expectations. Forget about trying to get something out of the contacts you make and join the conversation.
  2. Be a real helper and a friend. Be the kind of person you would like to hang out with.
  3. Be honest and transparent. That’s one of the beautiful things about Dan. He is humble and transparent. He has had gambling problems in the past and even if he is ashamed of those problems he never shies away from admitting his shortcomings. People appreciate this honesty. Which leads me to the next item. Youtube to MP3
  4. Be open. I’ll admit I have a hard time with this one. I don’t like to share my weaknesses. I feel sometimes that holds me back and prevents me from overcoming those weaknesses. No man is an island and everyone needs help.
  5. Seek genuine communication first. Don’t setup automated Twitter messages that say something like “Nice to meet you. Let me show you how I get 10,000 followers in three months.” Who cares? Sorry dude but do I even fucking know you? Why are you trying to sell me something. The ineffectiveness of this approach should be patently obvious but for some reason I still get these tweets by the dozens.
  6. Don’t be a link spammer. For the most part, no one cares about your products. It’s not like your Barak Obama inviting them to the Whitehouse for a beer. You’re some guy or gal on the internet pushing your products on them. You have to be creative here.
  7. Interact – by this I mean you have to be proactive and be part of the give and take of communications.
  8. Be interesting. Dan is interesting because he has a remarkable ability to notice the little things in life and about others and relate that back to them in a way that makes them feel special.
  9. Be positive. There may be some people who respond to negativity but not the people you want to connect with. And if you do want to connect with those types I don’t want to connect with you. Anyhow, Dan is effortlessly positive. He’s one of those rare human beings who doesn’t see the big truck tailgating him and say “motherfucker get off my ass,” instead he would look and say something like “look at that big truck that reminds me of…or…I wonder what suspension he has.” This is a huge weakness of mine that I am working hard to change. Dan sees opportunity in everything and I admire him for that. YTMP3
  10. Post more useful links from sources other than yourself. If you don’t know how or where to find interesting stories go to places where people have already determined the stories are interesting and retweet them. Three places to find material to disseminate are: PopUrls.com, Digg.com, and Alltop. These sites post the most popular articles as voted on by readers (or somethign like that).


Well, there you have it. I know the title of this post is 10 ways to make social media work for you. I know that reading the post it may seem more like 10 ways to work for social media but that’s the key. An often quote line from Zig Ziglar is “Help enough people get what they want and eventually you’ll get what you want.”

Think about it. That’s true, help enough people get what they want and eventually you’ll get what you want. So, if you want social media to work for you start working on being a better person to socialize with. For more info please visit these websites:-https://wyklady.org/ http://onlineearns.com/ https://webm-ccl.org/ http://instadatahelpainews.com https://www.craftline.at/

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